Facilities Services

Our services are tailored to suit each specific business requirement

Our facilities management is usually delivered in conjunction with other production activities that are related to your sector.

General Building & Facilities Management

We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure workplace. We have the specialist knowledge, technology and processes, all compliant to Security Industry Authority Standards (SIA), to safeguard your working environment and personnel. Our risk audit will deliver a solution that protects your people, business and assets.


We build a responsive and flexible service plan that delivers a professional cleaning service to meet your requirements, whatever the size and location of your business. Our focus on staff motivation, monitoring and training to NVQ standards guarantees we provide consistency of service to the highest and most sustainable standards.

Grounds care

We create and maintain the best impression for your business through your landscaping requirements. Well maintained grounds are critical in presenting a positive image of your business to visitors and staff.

Our attentive grounds maintenance teams specialise in designing and maintaining landscapes that meet your site’s operational, geological and aesthetic requirements, all within your budget.

We take full responsibility for the exterior presentation of your building and ensure it meets the expected standards at all times. In support of this we will also provide you with management information, capturing current performance and making recommendations for future maintenance and development.

We can bring inspiration to your hard and soft landscaping needs, and also provide floristry and interior planting to bring together the exterior and interior of your building, creating a seamless integration throughout.

Mechanical & electrical support

Taking a pre-emptive approach to managing your building through regular checks, enhancements and upgrades is something we always recommend. By auditing your estate and developing a service plan tailored to your needs and budget, we can help reduce your long-term costs; from a simple service contract to a fully integrated hard FM solution.

Our engineers are fully qualified in their areas of expertise with training on the latest best practice, ensuring the maintenance services and your workplace are the safest they can be for staff and visitors.

We can work with you on specialised projects, from reviewing renewable energy options through to major site redevelopments. We have the right resources ready to support all stages of site management and development, with a depth of understanding and expertise.


For every company, a positive first impression is vital and in most cases that starts with quality, efficiency and friendliness of the reception staff. Our reception services ensure that you deliver the right image for your business.
We will ensure that the people we put in place fully understand the culture of your organisation and the image you wish to portray, as well as providing a highly efficient and effective service. This is supported by ensuring staff are fully trained not only in the operations of the reception, but also in the culture and image of your organisation.

Manned guarding services

A flexible, comprehensive solution that supports all areas of your operations, providing you with continuity of service. Our staff are stringently screened and vetted to BS7858 standard and are highly trained in all aspects of their responsibilities and your organisational needs. In addition to delivering a secure workplace our teams can provide ancillary security services including:

Security systems

The technological safety measures we provide include:

  • CCTV control room Access / egress control
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Parcel and body scanners
  • Automatic number plate recognition.

Aktrion Food facilities services

Plant & Machinery Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive range of plant maintenance services specifically geared to the food and drinks industry, including: Compressor maintenance From equipment maintenance packages to full ‘turn key’ projects, involving design, supply, installation and after sales service of all equipment associated with the generation of compressed air.

Compressor Maintenance

Repair Services include:

  • Energair
  • Air dryers
  • Air filtration
  • Air receivers
  • Water chillers
  • Airend rebuilds
  • Air compressors
  • Pipework installations
  • Compressor maintenance services.
Refrigeration maintenance

Refrigeration is the biggest consumer of electrical power in the majority of food production facilities within the UK today. Efficiency of operation, prevention of gas leaks, clean condensers, efficient compressors all contribute to costs. Correct refrigeration maintenance will reduce operating costs and we can provide a skilled team of refrigeration engineers who will ensure that your plants are operating efficiently. We can supply full or part time engineers, and our own equipped maintenance vehicles, or we can work within your workshops.

Our chiller maintenance service encompasses winter frost protection, electrical, flow, diagnostic control and refrigeration circuit checks. Our engineers can help you plan to deal with the unexpected. We offer a no obligation site survey to meet all eventualities from high ambient demand to total equipment breakdown. We can help you save money by maintaining your chiller equipment. Our team of engineers approaches every enquiry on an individual basis and takes the time to understand your application and its throughput, heat load, demand and process. Only then do we make a recommendation for repair, replacement or enhancement. We can also offer you advice on refrigerant, water treatment and protection for your cooling system. Aktrion are agents for Arevalo Refrigeration Equipment.

Silo maintenance

Within bulk storage areas we can thoroughly clean all internal surfaces of bulk liquid ingredient holding tanks to ensure that accumulated debris, contaminated product and mould is removed to prepare the vessel for use as a clean and sanitized storage medium for food grade products.

All silo and tank cleaning is carried out by personnel fully trained in all aspects of these tasks with due regard to safety and product contamination issues. Work is carried out in accordance with procedures, method statements and specifications documented in the Safety Manual.

Hygiene owns and maintains various items of equipment to allow safe access into different types of silo and vessel each being tested and certified annually by the manufacturer. Confined space work requires careful assessment of risks involved from entry, exit, breathable atmospheres, risk from product and emergency viewpoints and is always carried out in conjunction with the relevant Permit to Work system.

Flour and sugar silos are normally cleaned twice yearly, to remove any build up of damp or encrusted residues and to allow a report to be made on the internal condition and any evidence of infestation. Similarly, fat, oil and chocolate tanks are normally inspected internally annually to determine the risks of mould growth (fat tanks) and physical contamination affecting the product. All work undertaken is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations and special requirements of:

  • The food act 1990
  • The factories act 1961
  • The control of pollution act 1989
  • The health and safety at Work act 1974
  • The environmental protection act 1990
  • The environmental act 1995
  • The food hygiene (general) regulations 2006
  • The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002.

Aktrion Food facilities services

Effluent Plant Maintenance

No two effluent streams are the same and they can be extremely costly for your business. We can work with you to minimise discharge quantity levels and reduce water costs at incoming points, complying to discharge level specifications at all times.

Cost reduction programme

A waste minimization programme to reduce waste and prevent pollution will result in:

  • Increased production and sales
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced effluent generation
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better use of resources
  • Improved company image
  • More effective compliance with legislation.
Implementing a regular monitoring regime

We are able to set up a permanent monitoring system to provide routine data on flows, loads and plant performance. Data is recorded in a simple table and updated regularly and the information can then be used by plant operators, supervisors and managers to monitor and control the performance of the ETP to promote treatment efficiency and waste minimisation. Any deviations from the norm should be recorded and corrective action taken on the same principle as when a product fails on quality.

Environmental policy

We are fully accredited to ISO 14001 which requires the company to minimize our own and our clients waste with the resulting benefits to the environment.