Case Study

The right ingredients to improve output levels and reduce staffing costs

Our client, based in Oldham and Bolton, primarily manufacture own label cut and slab, hot eating, Birthday, roll plant (chocolate and plain), custard tarts and a wide variety of decorated cakes, specialising in the quality of chocolate enrobing. They have the potential to use over 2,000 staff in seven bakeries.

Our responsibilities

  • Managing the unloading and storage of all incoming ingredients
  • Managing the movement of cakes to cold stores 
  • Washing over 100,000 trays per week 
  • Bakery hygiene 
  • Office cleaning 
  • Waste management
  • Yard maintenance
  • Recycling of cardboard and plastics
  • Provision of temporary labour 
  • Stock audit prior to despatch.

Aktrion Food and Drink case study

Key challenges

  • Improve flexibility and skill levels of the workforce 
  • Reduce labour turnover 
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce operational costs such as training and truck damage 
  • Improve service reliability
  • Introduce predictability into the operation 
  • Improve Health & Safety management and compliance
  • Improve worker and process productivity 
  • Revise the management structure to improve control and increase accountability.

Our solutions

  • Provide up to 600 staff per day 
  • We carried out a detailed operational due diligence
  • By implementing flexible contracts we completed additional tasks which had been previously given to outside contractors making additional savings 
  • We offer flexible, fully trained, committed staff with on-site management, reducing the numbers previously required whilst providing an improved service.