Aktrion Apprenticeship Academy

At Aktrion we take pride in developing our staff to be the best they can be. Planning for an individual’s development from the first day with us. We have a variety of courses that we can deliver to achieve this aim. We use them in a structured way through the early years of an individual’s work to give you the skills you need.

Above all you will be earning as to learn the skills and knowledge employers value.

A recent study showed that an employee with a level 3 work based qualification could earn 10% more than one with a non-work based qualification, and 20% than someone without a level 3 qualification.


Traineeships, Pre-employment courses, Pre-Apprenticeships. They are known by a number of different names, but they have one key aim, to get YOU into work.

Designed to improve your current skills and give you new ones to enable you to stand head and shoulders above other job applicants.

At Aktrion our Traineeships are run as a linked part of our career building scheme. A building block to ensure you are equipped for your Apprenticeship.

All of our Traineeship courses focus on the following elements;

  • Employability skills delivering those skills you didn’t learn at school to deal with work situations.
  • Functional skills, improving your working level of Maths and English up to level 2 dependant on your starting level.
  • A ‘Lean’ qualification, an introduction to the world’s best Lean working practices and skills as used in modern manufacturing.
  • Work Placement, 3 weeks’ work experience in a variety of manufacturing plants in various departments.
  • Real life experience that employers value.

‘I really appreciate everything Aktrion has done for us. I have learnt so much.’

Shaun Sefton, on completing Aktrion Traineeship

Aktrion Apprenticeship Academy


Just as Aktrion has a wide variety of business sectors we work in, we have a variety of Apprenticeships to suit applicants and work sectors.

These courses are designed to give you a footing in your work sector and a head-start in developing your chosen career.

Current courses include, Performing Manufacturing Operations, Business improvement Techniques, Team Leading, Management, and Business administration in our Print, Automotive and Food divisions.

An Apprenticeship is made of two parts, the knowledge qualification and the competence qualification. This makes it ideal to develop both the knowledge and competence needed in a role. This is why work based qualifications, such as Apprenticeships are valued by employers so highly.

Running alongside these two parts of the course, if needed, we will support your functional skill development in Math’s and English up to a level 2 qualification.

At Aktrion we commit not only to deliver the requirements of the Apprenticeship curriculum, but to add to this industry specific additional qualifications to aid you in your career.

Our Apprenticeships start at intermediate level (level 2 qualification). Working within your chosen industry you will learn hands on the skills required for a variety of jobs. This is mixed with class based learning to develop the knowledge needed to under pin these skills and enable you move forward to your next career level.

From this stage you can further develop to an advanced level apprenticeship which is a level 3 qualification. These are usually delivered in partnership with a college including day release or block release to college for part of the course.

Case Study - Ben Harris

At the age of 17, I realised the college course I was studying was not for me. In fact, in hindsight, the academic route wasn’t for me at all. I left the course planning to start another in September.

I joined a local food manufacturer as an operative. Whilst there I was offered a place on their work based learning program. This course helped me have the experience and knowledge to move forward to become a technical/machine operator. This step forward moved me on to become a Team Leader and then onto become the youngest Department Manager that company had had.

Throughout this I developed my knowledge and skills from work based courses. Following a successful time with that business I went on to another firm to develop one of their departments and double their production capacity. This led on to becoming an Operations Manager for an £80 million business with a team of 300 staff.

Below are some examples of animated videos that have been made by our apprentices in the office at Telford.