Hygiene Cleaning

We provide total cleaning solutions that enable you to focus on your production processes

We have considerable experience in hygiene cleaning within the production environment. Using our group task management system we ensure we can track progress at all times. Combine this with our biometric time system ensures we can monitor efficiency and effectiveness of the hygiene teams at all times. Cleaning is quality controlled prior to ‘handing back’ to production and regular weekly and monthly audits are performed to overlay this.

Cleaning Schedules

We understand the importance of maximising cleaning schedules, using smarter methodology and having control over your factory hygiene team in contributing to the success of your business.

We can review your current schedules for their effectiveness and re-calibrate to the exact requirements of the business, or develop these from scratch if you are looking for new installations. Schedules are developed and reviewed periodically, allowing for planning activities to be correctly organised in advance. With our robust paperwork systems we can both sustain our effectiveness and progressively improve your ‘cost saving’ abilities for the long term.

Our specially trained operatives can work in any type of confined spaced environment to remove residues such as flour, sugar, salt, grain, fat, oils etc. use access platform operating systems (IPAF) and rope access techniques for reaching hard places of height. They are all provided with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and risk assessments for your peace of mind.

We deliver a same-day cleaning report giving you instant feedback on any root cause in the case of ‘pest issues’ and allowing your business to have an accurate record to strengthen your cleaning regime. It provides invaluable information that can be communicated to other departments where necessary.

Aktrion Food hygiene cleaning

High Level Cleaning

All high level structures in a food manufacturing environments require some form of maintenance cleaning to remove potential contamination, debris, pest harborage, micro issues or purely for aesthetic reasons. High level cleaning is carried out by our specialist teams, who are specifically trained in this work and are aware of all the potential risks and hazards to themselves, your employees, equipment and product. Training is carried out both in-house and externally in the use of alloy towers and hydraulic platforms, employees gaining a nationally recognised certificate of competence.

We also operate our own highly trained specialist rope access teams whose expertise can offer cost effective solutions to the cleaning of areas which were traditionally only accessible by the erection of expensive fixed scaffold systems, with the potential of contamination from wooden deck boards and building site debris.

Methods of cleaning vary from area to area, but the principle objective is to create a programme of work that will maintain overheads and high level structures in a condition where dust and residues do not accumulate to a level where product contamination or infestation can occur. Matrices can be designed in conjunction with production staff to programme the work and methods to achieve this consistently over a period of time with minimum disruption to manufacturing schedules.

Aktrion Food hygiene cleaning

Silo Cleaning

Within bulk storage areas we can thoroughly clean all internal surfaces of bulk liquid ingredient holding tanks to ensure that accumulated debris, contaminated product and mould is removed from all internal surfaces to prepare the vessel for use as a clean and sanitized storage medium for food grade products.

All silo and tank cleaning is carried out by fully trained personnel with due regard to safety and product contamination issues. Work is carried out in accordance with procedures, method statements and specifications documented in the Safety Manual.

We own and maintain various items of equipment to allow safe access into different types of silo and vessel, each being tested and certified annually by the manufacturer. Confined space work requires careful assessment of risks involved from entry, exit, breathable atmospheres, risk from product and emergency viewpoints and is always carried out in conjunction with the relevant Permit to Work system.

Flour and sugar silos are normally cleaned twice yearly, to remove any build-up of damp or encrusted residues and to allow a report to be made on the internal condition and any evidence of infestation. Similarly, fat, oil and chocolate tanks are normally inspected internally annually to determine the risks of mould growth (fat tanks) and physical contamination affecting the product. All work undertaken is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations and special requirements.